5 Things You Should Know About Timix From Gentle Gra Gra EP

With the release of Timix’ new EP, Gentle Gra Gra, a lot of his fans are seeing the evidence of the artists substantial growth. Over the years, we have seen Timix grow with his music dating back to 2010. For us it’s like a reality TV show where you watch a child star grow.

Since the release of Gentle Gra Gra in February, various songs from the 5 track EP have been playing back to back on the airwaves, its hard to ignore that each song sounds different, but collectively they share a common soul. Judging by public opinion, there’s no unanimous decision for a favorite.

And because we also can’t choose a favorite, we have chosen to share 5 things about Timix that everyone should know according to the E.P, Gentle Gra Gra.

1. Timix is an only child raised by a single mother.

In the song Adara, he expresses the challenges he faced and his feelings towards this position as he addresses his father. Timix’ mother is a strong supporter of his career and has encouraged the artist along the way. In Adara he not only expresses this but calls out to the nation in a patriotic plea to improve its conditions.

2. Timix is passionate about education

Not only is this reflected in his lyrics, but also in his academic background. With a degree from Lancaster University and also having attended the prestigious Harvard University, one may not expect Oluwatimilehin Ajayi to pursue a career in music. Timix is non conforming, his path is Far From Reality in the Nigerian setting for one with such educational standing

3. Timix is excited about the prospects of the continent

Timix has countlessly expressed in songs what he envisions of Africa. His continuous patriotism and openness to a Pan-Africa is impeccable. In his song Eff it Up it sounds like the artist is talking about a female, where as he is actually referring to Africa. “These nations they be first in line when they hear that you’ve got no spine”. Pay attention!

4. Timix has an afrocentric girlfriend, that he’s not shy about

For we who follow @iamtimix on social media, we can tell that the artist is into his afrocentric ladies. Further, if you are really observant, you would notice that he has subtly congratulated a particular lady, one too many times (not to mention any name). We suppose this is his girlfriend, who he is in inviting to dance along with him in the sexy tune Nisho.

5. Timix has been growing his Afro for Five Years

According to Timix, Gentle Gra Gra means ‘preparedness with a mix of fierce determination’. Likewise, his hair is an attraction on it’s own. Such an afro takes resilience to grow, which embodies a gentle soul. But the red? What’s with fiery red hair? That’s the Gentle and the Gra Gra coming together for Gentle Gra Gra. The artist has since expressed that he will change hair color for every new project he makes.

Listen to Gentle Gra Gra EP below

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