Art Spotlight: Niyi Okeowo’s Unique Approach To Self Expression

Niyi Okeowo Is An Artist With A Lot To Say, He Just Chooses To Show You Instead

Niyi Okeowo aka Mr. Color
Niyi Okeowo aka Mr. Color

It is a known fact that there is a current shift in many life elements of sorts, from ideologies to beliefs, thoughts, actions, our ways of life and so on. Not that the ways of old times are totally eradicated, it’s just an uneven combination of both. Thankfully most of these new movements will overtime provide the much needed change but for now, it is exciting to witness new growth. Focusing on the current wave of creativity it is necessary to appreciate those who have been blessing all our senses with their peculiar abilities.

Niyi Okeowo
Niyi Okeowo/ Mr. Color series

First up is Niyi Okeowo, multidisciplinary artist who has continued to create, capture and curate new means of keeping all our senses lit with his well crafted illustrations and images. Niyi Okeowo has utilized the many talents handed him to capture and create mind blowing works of art.

From portrait pictures, illustrations, his own version of ‘Afrofuturism’ with th Majora Explora collection, to the very engaging project which was inspired by DAMN., Kendrick Lamar’s critically acclaimed album. Adding his unique perspective to the album, he describes the project as a “series of images that reflect how he feels about events going on at the moment. Apart from the great visual pleasure the images provide, the story it tells is so striking causing you to reflect deeply on the feeling he’s communicating. 

Niyi Okeowo
From his Majora Explore series

Niyi Okeowo has continued to wow us with his multifarious art skills, and as time moves on and the growth and shift from the norm is heavily felt, one can only hope his art continues to reflect it.

With bits and pieces being spread out in his recent posts, he is showing a special edition Niyi Okeowo aka Mr Color – another creative endevour by the extraordinary artist. The Mr Color expression outlet features an insane collection with the right amount of “Niyi from the Future” to sustain your focus and love for his many beautiful work(s) of art. 

Visit his site here to have a better feel of his amazing creations.