WurlD Appreciates Mother’s Prayer On New Song.

In time for Mother’s day, WurID brings to our ears a new track titled Mother’s Prayer. After we heard his uniqueness on Show You Off, the global citizen has again proven his creativity.

Mother’s Prayer is a tune that is highly relatable, although not entirely. But for the most part we all know and love when mother says prayers on our behalf, and with that appreciation WurID provides this inspirational new song.

A coming of age story, the Nigerian born singer realises his old dreams have been slightly tampered with due to few external influences but still hopes to have made his mama proud.

It’s an electro-fusion wave and as you can imagine, it totally bangs. With production from Shizzi which echoes traditional drumming and the electronic vibe, it’s bound to be a timeless hit!

Listen to Mother’s Prayer.



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