Damilola Odusote Is Simply Magical With Ink

Damilola Odusote creates supremely detailed works of art which would immediately grab and retain your attention depending on your approach to art. His style is highly unorthodox and multifarious, leaving one’s mind to wander by just viewing his paintings. Damilola mostly works with graphic ink, spray paint, acrylics and sculpture.

His art is a visual representation of both his conscious and subconscious, ideas and issues that run through his mind on a regular basis. All of what he understands and others that he does not fully grasp. Like every other artist, he draws from the pool that is society and infuses his concerns into the beauty of his environment with humorous bits.

Growing up in London, he was exposed to various elements and chaotic scenarios that propelled his passion for art. Out of the chaos, he was subconsciously provided with concepts that enabled him enhance his visual language, a platform for his thought process.

Creating surreal art by fusing everyday items with his imaginative abilities, the ink magician designs riveting works of art. Damilola Odusote is an all round creative as he is also involved in web design, graphic design, dance, fashion, illustration and fine art.



Damilola Odusote describes his craft on MADE.COM, watch below.


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