Music Video Premiere: Tena Tenpo – For Time

Tena Tenpo is a creative artist. A diverse act that cuts across genres including, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeat, and a personal style he constantly hones, AfroTrap. His recent EP, For The Ladies on the Runway exemplifies a unique style of musical delivery from the dreadlock rasta.

His new music video, For Time depicts the artists attraction to a girl in a casual way but the cinematography will leave you wowed. Everything comes together from his rugged approach to the symbolism of being clothed by his love interest. The video shows a soft side of the artist, one that’s approachable. Overall, the video is quite elaborate and qualitative to be regarded as a viral. With this tone set, Tena Tenpo has made his mark as an artist to bank on.
tena tenpo - for time

We were able to spend some time with him at MIGMIE studio in Anthony, Lagos, where he was at a recording session with Timix and Boj. At first glance, you notice a hardened individual, liable to preach about a failed system, or conspiracies of such. On the other hand, Tena Tenpo is an energetic and high spirited individual, who is willing to freestyle along with any artist, on any beat, to anyone.

The video was shot in Anthony, Lagos, the city where the artist grew up. In his words “we were just trying to document what a typical day would look like in the life of Tena Tenpo”. The video was directed by budding filmmaker Damiereel, who Tenpo calls a close friend and “creative Escobar”.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our first music video premiere,

Tena Tenpo ft. Bris – B – For Time

Tena Tenpo’s interview with Yute! about For Time 

What was the inspiration for the video?
Basically we were just trying to document what a typical day would look like in the life of Tena Tenpo and the concept just grew from there.

How much time did the video take to prepare?
Everything took some good eight hours, lots of moving parts but this isn’t my first video so i kinda knew what to expect. I was prepared and Bris-B is a bloody genius and Damiereel is a creative force he knows how to conceptualize, so communication wasn’t an issue, we just enjoyed ourselves.

What’s your creative process like?
I try to document my time, my space, my situation, I try to take as much of what’s going on around my life and try to embed that in my music. So my music, my videos it’s all my perspective.

What are your plans for music?
My plan is to grow with my music and reach across to as many people as possible, break across cultural barriers, My plan is Africa then i’ll go from there.

Got Plans for future projects?
I have two tapes in the works, one is called Life of a dreadlock rasta (LOADR) and the other is still in development so i’m holding on to that for now. I’m shootig more visuals for my best songs off my tape For The Ladies On The Runway(FTLOTR). So you should be expecting more.

Photos by Skenks Photography

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