Femi Anikulapo-Kuti Sets New Saxophone Record

Afrobeat maestro, Femi Kuti has achieved yet another great feat in his musical career. Beating an age long record of 45 minutes and 37 seconds set by the popular American saxophonist Kenny G who set his record back in 1997. Femi on sunday evening, set a new record playing a single note for 46 minutes 38 seconds during the Sunday Jump event at the The New African Shrine, Ikeja, Lagos.

With the usually large audience at his events, this record breaking ceremony was attended by Ben Murray Bruce as well as other government officials from Netherlands and the UK. Yeni Kuti, sister to the music guru gushed about this important achievement in an Instagram post.

The adept multi-instrumentalist will re-attempt this session again in two weeks so as to have it recorded as a Guinness World Record. Not only does he have death in his pouch, music is also an innate trait.



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