Moses Tuki Transforms Junk Into Incredible Art

From the little items at his disposal, Nigerian artist Moses Tuki created an art story with discarded material and what others saw as trash. “Making do with what you have” could not have been showcased any better, his mind blowing sculpture created back in 2015 is a testament to this.

Tuki Moses

The art piece titled “Off” was his thesis project at the New York Academy of Art in Tribeca a few years ago. His perspective of designing and creating works adds more beauty to what is created as it is simply unconventional. In some way, his form of recycling helps make for a safer environment but that was not its immediate goal. Moses Tuki was driven by issues that affect the common man, the constant flow of conflict, vulnerability and trauma.

Tuki Moses

The idea that eventually became his creation was gotten from the war between Ramesses II and the Hittite Empire with 6,000 chariots which he was reading about at the time. With the aim of making the society better, he combined ideas from past and present times and created a masterpiece. “Off” tells a story of a warrior who has fallen off a chariot pulled by a horse with its front hoofs in the air. The entire work was made of the scraps from junkyards and bike repair shops.

Tuki Moses

In an interview with The Tribeca Trib, Moses Tuki explained his view. “The fighter represents man. He is falling off the chariot because man is losing focus, losing track of what is right. The chariot, tilted to one side, represents society today, which is falling as a result of the problems—corruption, the quest for revenge and anger. The horse represents strength, and that sometimes we use our strength to do things that are not right, but also strength and the resiliency of man”

In battle, the position a horse takes might sometimes be represented or misrepresented to identify the fate of its rider. However in this work, all its different elements have particular representations that are important to man’s daily life.

In all we do, it is important to focus our strengths on things that are right and to make our living environment habitable for all. The beauty in art is not only in what we can see.

Featured Images: NewYorkAcademyofArtBlog, TribecaCitizen, Tribecatrib


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