Sam Okyere Introduces Korean Youtube Star To Fufu And Jollof Rice

Sam Okyere Intoduces Korean Youtuber Banzz To Fufu

Korean based Ghanaian Tv personality Sam Okyere aka the most famous black man in Korea; introduces Korean Youtube star Banzz to several African dishes including Jollof rice and Fufu. Sam Okyere linked up the Youtube star in order to pick his brain about how he indulges his love for food and still keeps a mean fit body.

For their meet and greet Sam Okyere brought along homemade Ghanaian cuisine for Banzz to try out; among the dishes were Jollof rice and Fufu. He even teaches him how to swallow premium Fufu(complete with the finger licking) when the naive Korean tried to chew it. While the cold war of the Jollof is still raging in West Africa it’s still nice to see African food being appreciated. So suck it up Nigerians!!!

Watch the cute video below.

Watch the full video here.


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