Sunday Chukwu is a Phenom With Steel.


sunday chukwu

With mild steel and at other times wood, big sculpture artist Sunday Chukwu creates highly intimidating works. His passion for the arts and extraordinary creativity allows him re-enact ideas from his mind into life-size sculptures embedded with relatable stories.

A former student at the University of Benin, Sunday excelled in the department of Fine and Applied Arts where he specialized in sculpture. Growing and developing his gift, he has continued to create phenomenal art which has been shared across different parts of the country.

sunday chukwu

One very striking piece is an outdoor sculpture he created as an undergraduate while at the University of Benin. At first glance, the huge work of art mirrors an Optimus prime looking action figure who is either a villain or a hero and that is not too far off from the artist’s description. Sunday Chukwu describes it as one of his favorite works and although it’s not a transformer, the work showcases a possible effect of technological development. The two characters carved out of steel represent a human and a robot in an incessant battle leaving us to wonder who will come out victorious. The men of steel sculpture is erected in the Ekehuan campus of his alma mater.

sunday chukwu

Sunday creates works of different sizes and dimensions all with themes different from the other, from the dancing village girl to the delivery man on a bicycle, the celebrating graduates and many more. He continues to share his gift with others by not only creating but also teaching at the different academic levels in various regions. Currently, he trains corps members in the NYSC Skill Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Development (SAED).

sunday chukwu


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