Parents Influencing The Career Choices Of Their Kids (S1 E2)

On this episode of Yute Forum, we discuss Parents and how much influence they should have in career choices of their children. It’s very easy for parents to be overbearing and controlling when it comes to decisions concerning their children’s futures. Most of the time it’s out of fear or concern, some other time it’s the need to map out and plan their kid’s future. During the course of the episode, Pearl and the panel will try to examine the motivations behind these circumstances.

Should parents have complete control over their kid’s career choice? How much much influence should a parent have in the decision making? When do the kids come into the picture? Do they even matter? On this episode of Yute Forum, we discuss this and more.

Please keep in mind the opinions on this program are that of the host and panel, they do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Yute! Magazine, its affiliates and or any employee thereof.

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